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Vigil for Bolingbrook Home Invasion and Gunshot Victims

Bolingbrook Murder

Bolingbrook Murder

A vigil was held on Wednesday night for the three people killed in a home invasion and shooting in Bolingbrook earlier this week. Family members, neighbors, civic leaders, and members of the community attended.

Hundreds of people congregated on the grounds of the DuPage Township Center. Candles were lit and prayers were spoken at a memorial service for the three victims of the fatal home invasion, including two youngsters.

“Why did this happen?” lamented Tomika Reed, family member of the victims. “What kind of world are we in where it’s that kind of hate that you would hurt the children?”

Members of Cartez Daniels’ family allege he was shot dead on Lee Lane with his 9-year-old daughter Sanai and his fiance’s 17-year-old daughter Samiya Shelton-Tillman. Samiya’s mom was shot also; she was last seen in the hospital where she was in serious but stable condition. Her family claims she faked her death and made it out alive.

First Degree Murder Charge Filed Against Teen in Deadly Bolingbrook Home Invasion

And she had to face the morning after finding out that her husband and half of her children were dead, as Reed put it. Several of those who came to the vigil didn’t even know the family, but they all feel helpless in the face of their inability to express their sorrow.

“I feel terrible for them. That breaks my heart, (Cries) breaks my heart, that they have to do this. My daughter is just nine years old. The parents will have to lay to rest those children “Teresa Martin, a vigil organizer, made this statement.

“And it’s just the thought that you never know. You never know what’s going to come, and we’re going through enough in the world right now that families shouldn’t have to go through something this horrifying,” said Kathy Freeberg, vigil co-organizer.

Byrion Montgomery is accused of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, house invasion, and other crimes, although he has pled not guilty. According to the police, he was seeing the victim Samiya, a 17-year-old girl.

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His family reported he and Samiya had lately broken up. “I guess he didn’t take that well,” Erica Daniels, a family member, said. I never imagined he was the kind of individual who would hurt my loved ones.

Their three- and fourteen-year-old sons were home at the time of the invasion, but they were uninjured. Relatives reported seeing the shootings firsthand. Samiya’s school, as well as Sanai’s previous institution, both have available counseling services.

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