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Who is Charlotte Ritchie and What Role Did She Play in You Season 4?

Charlotte Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie

The entire Netflix thriller series. Charming serial killer Joe Goldberg gets a new fixation in You. Joe (Penn Badgley) has a new lady in his life in the upcoming fourth season of You, which takes place in and around London, and her name is cold-hearted Kate (Charlotte Ritchie).

Kate, a seasoned art gallery director, is wary of Joe’s intentions as soon as she notices him mingling with her wealthy, privileged friends while pretending to be a university professor.

Kate, one of the new members of the You cast, might be the one to help expose Joe’s deceit. Specifically, in what other works have Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Kate in You season 4, previously appeared?

Who is Charlotte Ritchie?

Who is Charlotte Ritchie

The British actress Charlotte Ritchie has starred in several popular television shows, including the comedies Fresh Meat and Ghosts, and the drama series Call the Midwife on BBC. Ritchie plays Kate, the chilly protagonist, in the fourth season of You.

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In what other works has Charlotte Ritchie appeared before?

Fresh Meat, a Channel 4 comedy series that starred Charlotte Ritchie from 2011 to 2016, was her breakthrough role. Ritchie went on to star in additional comedies including Siblings and Raised by Wolves after this.

From 2015 through 2018, Ritchie portrayed Nurse Barbara Gilbert in the critically acclaimed BBC drama Call the Midwife. In 2020 and 2021, Ritchie co-starred with Mae Martin on the hit Channel 4 sitcom Feel Good.

Ritchie has been playing the role of Alison Cooper on the BBC comedy Ghosts since 2019, and she has also played Alison on the E4 comedy Dead Pixels since the same year.

Ritchie’s first career was really in music, where he performed with the classical crossover band All Angels.

Where can I find out what Charlotte Ritchie thought of You Season 4?

Where can I find out what Charlotte Ritchie thought of You Season 4

Last year, Ritchie told that playing “icy” Kate in You was a “challenge” for her. It’s been a long time since I’ve discovered something as tough as this,” she remarked. It’s a tired old theme that my loved ones have to hear from me, but the truth is that I never feel like I can do it.

“But especially this one since the character is and because the program is really glossy and often everyone looks pretty well and well-dressed… all this emphasis on that stuff.”

Ritchie continued: “And my character is very well turned out and very icy, at least at the beginning… it’s just not like me, that character. So it was interesting and it was challenging, I have to say.”

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