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Who did Tom Sandoval Cheat with on the “Vanderpump Rules”?

Who did Tom Sandoval Cheat with

Who did Tom Sandoval Cheat with

Like Tinkerbell, the cast of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo has to be noticed or they will all perish. They aren’t really “alive” if no one is watching. For this reason, the months-long affair between cast members Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss is all the more shocking given the show’s overly documented lifestyle.

The entire world is watching now. The scandal, which has been dubbed the “Scandoval” involves original cast member Michael Sandoval, new cast member Michael Leviss, and Sandoval’s long-term partner and co-star, Ariana Madix.

Madix allegedly discovered s*xually explicit texts and a screen recording of a FaceTime session between Leviss and Sandoval on Sandoval’s phone, which led to the news breaking late last week.

Bravo’s head puppeteer Andrew Cohen said Sandoval and Leviss are still together. According to our sources, Madix has received a lot of love and admiration from his many admirers and friends.

Members of the same cast who have declared war on each other are among those pals. It has been speculated that, in light of the explosive public backlash, Leviss and Sandoval may be forced to postpone their trip to Coachella.

It’s a sign of the show’s and its stars’ effectiveness at making a national splash that you may have heard about this even if you don’t watch Bravo. The ensemble of Vanderpump Rules has been living it up for Bravo cameras for the past decade, gaining fame and social media followers thanks to a programme that purports to be about West Hollywood wait staff.

Yet, unfortunately for Maddix, cheating has always been a major selling point for the show.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’s Affair

Tom Sandoval Affair

Claudine Vanderpump, formerly of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has her scandalous restaurant SUR at the centre of all the attention. SUR is an acronym that Vanderpump made up that stands for “S*xy Unique Restaurant.”

The name seems like the Spanish term for “south” or a sentimental tribute to the beautiful section of California’s coast, but it’s actually an inside joke. So, the premise of Vanderpump Rules is that there is a group of s*xily unusual individuals that work at a s*xily unique restaurant under the s*xily unique direction of Vanderpump.

Scheana Marie Shay, who at the time was famous for being actor Eddie Cibrian’s mistress, carried the show to its 2013 Bravo premiere.

Shay, who has a tattoo of the phrase “It’s all happening” in tribute to the film industry, was initially portrayed as an outcast at SUR, avoided by the three stunning waitresses (Schroeder, Doute, and Katie Maloney) and the three stunning waitresses’ boyfriends (Taylor, Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz) following her infamous infidelity scandal.

The workplace reality show focused on Shay and the cast members’ personal relationships and aspirations beyond their work at SUR.

There is not a single employee at SUR who would say they love working in the Los Angeles restaurant industry because they genuinely care about it. It was their dream to make it big in the entertainment industry as singers, models, or actresses.

The cast of Vanderpump Rules became well-known as their lifestyles, which were sometimes portrayed as chaotic on the show, gained widespread attention. As a result, those loftier aspirations and the pretence that these TV stars were working genuine shifts at SUR and making their living off of tips began to disintegrate.

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Shay, Maloney, Sandoval, and probably Schwartz — all of whom are nearing 40 years of age and have been on the show from its inception — are the only original, full-time cast members still with us after a decade since its launch and numerous firings, new hires, and divorces. These are constants, right beside the major player: cheating.

Sandoval has been dating the show’s most level-headed and self-aware cast member, Ariana Madix, since season 2. Throughout the course of the show, they created a relationship that was basically that of a married couple, with the exception that they never really tied the knot because Madix doesn’t believe in marriage. Madix once mentioned on the show that she had frozen her eggs, which seemed to allude to a future with Sandoval.

Last week, however, it came out that Madix and Sandoval had called it quits after being together for nine years because Sandoval had cheated on Madix with fellow cast member Raquel Leviss behind the scenes for over a year.

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