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Who is Jennifer Nettles Husband and Do They Have Any Kids Together?

Jennifer Nettles Husband

Jennifer Nettles Husband

Jennifer Nettles, a multi-talented performer, shot to stardom as Sugarland’s main singer. She has now dabbled in acting, judging, activism, producing, and more, all while establishing a strong solo career. The singer-songwriter has proven her worth in the music industry, and now she’s hosting the CW’s “Farmer Wants a Wife,” a reality show with a rural setting.

With her sharp wit, comedic timing, and charming demeanor, Jennifer guides four farmers in their search for a life partner on the show. Although the gifted singer prefers to keep her private life under wraps, her devoted following cannot get enough of her. If you feel the same way and are curious about Jennifer’s married life, then you’re in luck!

Who is Jennifer Nettles’ Husband?

More than ten years into their marriage, Jennifer Nettles and Justin Miller appear to be completely content with one another. Sugarland’s “Want To” music video was shot in 2006, and that’s where Justin and his future bride first met. Jen and Tod were already married.

Jennifer and Justin began dating not long after they had first met. After dating for several years, the Sugarland lead singer finally tied the knot with Justin, an entrepreneur and former model, in front of their closest friends and family.

On November 26, 2011, the pair reportedly tied the knot privately at the Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, with a breathtaking sunset as the backdrop. As she made her way down the aisle at the chapel in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, she wore an Alexander McQueen gown.

Their honeymoon had to be postponed because of Jennifer’s work obligations. Jennifer was obligated to do a live performance at the Grammy Nomination Event and host a country music special for the Country Music Association. All the same, we’re confident that the experience was unforgettable for the pair.

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Jennifer Nettles Children

Jennifer and Justin Miller had their son, Magnus Hamilton Miller, on December 6, 2012, a year after their wedding. Right before Christmas, they welcomed a new addition to the family who brought them overwhelming delight.

A joint statement from the pair was given in an interview, in which they expressed their joy at the prospect of spending time together as a new and happy family. She also mentioned that while she was enjoying her last trimester, she was a little uncomfortable.

Deleted tweets from the Mother’s Day after Magnus turned 5 were posted by Jennifer. For her first Mother’s Day, she felt “so much love and joy.” Sending warm wishes to all the moms out there on this special day. It seems that she made plans to spend the day with her loved ones over brunch and naptime.

Jennifer, in an interview, gushed about her newborn son, saying, “He’s wonderful, super sweet. Prior to his conception, we agreed upon certain terms. I told her, “Hey, you can cook as long as you want, as long as you come out and latch like it’s your job and have a lovely vibe about you.” He fulfilled his obligation!” Magnus, then a toddler, had to be breastfed, so he and his mother rode the tour bus together.

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