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The Last of Us Episode 8 Recap: What Happened with Ellie?

The Last of Us Episode 8 Recap

The Last of Us Episode 8 Recap

I feel like Joel, who has been lying on the floor in anguish for a week, waiting for the return of The Last of Us. In Episode 7, Ellie randomly grabs a needle and thread, and we can only pray that she knows how to properly sew up (and disinfect!) a wound. If I lose one more person on this show, I will be completely drained.

As Episode 8 begins, HBO introduces me to David, the pastor of a small Wyoming town, rather than letting me know that Joel is well. And, of course, I don’t trust him, or anyone else besides Joel and Ellie, or even poor Henry and Sam. Perhaps, though, this one is a decent egg. We are about to find out.

David’s pal is none other than Troy Baker, the man behind Joel’s voice in The Last of Us. That’s encouraging, as it suggests that we’re making progress. While they go deer hunting together, they encounter one that Ellie accidentally kills. David offers Ellie penicillin to heal Joel’s ailment in exchange for the deer.

My assumptions were, in fact, true. David tells Ellie that the attacker on Joel was a man from his compound and that Joel fought back. David was informed by the survivors that Joel was accompanied by a little girl. David believes it wasn’t Ellie who killed his man, so he lets her go, but the town isn’t pleased.

His word must be law, though, for he slaps the boy who suggested they track down and murder them. So, Ellie gets ready for the guys to come hunting for them.

David orders his thugs to deliver Ellie to him alive, and they do so. Another of his men then enters the house where Joel has been hiding, but our hero, to everyone’s surprise, stands up and fights back. Joel has returned! Now he must eliminate each of these thugs in order to reach Ellie unharmed.

What Did David Ask Ellie in The Last of Us Episode 8?

The Last of Us Episode 8

We then return to Ellie, who is currently incarcerated. David asks her some questions, but she brushes him off. To everyone’s surprise (or not), David is a bad guy. In his little village, he’s passing off human meat as venison, which is a form of light cannibalism.

A “last resort,” as David puts it. To paraphrase: “What was I expected to do? So you’re saying, “Let them starve?!” Ellie points out what everyone else must be thinking: he shouldn’t devour humans. The cordyceps virus also holds some strange theological significance for David.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about the Infected here, but rather the mushroom spores. Freaky! Considering that Ellie is currently in the hands of cannibals, we cannot afford to delve into that topic further at this time. Fortunately, Ellie manages to escape after attacking one of her kidnappers and setting fire to their shabby meeting place.

To make sure I’m as astonished as everyone else watching the episode, I haven’t played the video game The Last of Us, but my editor, Brady, was kind enough to let me know that this is a major turning point in Ellie’s story.

It’s strange, to be sure, but human beings can inflict suffering far greater than any fungus zombie could. But in our hearts, we know that other people will treat us with kindness. Ellie’s encounter with David, who at the end of the episode possesses seemingly every evil imaginable, is incredibly traumatic.

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She has no choice but to learn to kill for real, and the experience has changed her forever. She may admire Joel’s strength, cool-guy attitude, and tough façade, but he’s only that way because he’s seen and perpetrated unspeakable crimes. Do you think Ellie aspires to be like that? It’s tough to make it, and the decisions you’ll have to make along the way will almost always be bad.

Just ask any of the “bad guys” we’ve encountered up to this point. Most of the time, they’ve made some truly bizarre decisions. But, at their most fundamental level, they are merely existing.

What confidence do we have in those physicians if Joel and Ellie get to them? Is the possibility of vaccination really worth selling our souls for? I’ve been feeling very stressed out lately. At the very least, perhaps they will find out that the mushroom virus has been contained. Ellie may even find love again. Please bring us some good news, people.

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