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What Happened to Boxxy and Why Did She Stop Making Youtube Videos?

What Happened to Boxxy

What Happened to Boxxy

Famous users of the Internet in 2009, Catherine Wayne’s YouTube videos catapulted her to fame. She adopted the character of Boxxy, a young teen with edgy bangs who always wore heavy eyeliner for these videos. Catherine’s most well-known creation, Boxxy possessed an infectiously upbeat demeanor.

That’s why everyone started calling her Boxxy. One of Catherine’s subscribers said this in the video’s comment section: e-girls have been paved the way for by [Boxxy]. She hurried to clear the way for the e-girls to walk.
However, Catherine has been silent for a while now.

It’s been years since she posted a video. Let’s read in this post what happened to Boxxy.

What Happened to Boxxy?

Boxxy announced her retirement from YouTube in a farewell video posted to her original channel nine years ago. A few years later, she debuted a new channel (ANewHopeee) and alluded to the motivation behind her social media retirement

After Boxxy’s contract with Discovery Digital Networks ended, she planned to devote herself entirely to her second YouTube channel. She said in a June 2017 video that she had written and starred in 300 videos during her time at Discovery.

What Happened to Boxxy

And once my contract was up, I fully intended to resume uploading videos to this channel. But the more she considered it, the more she realized how expensive a new camera, microphone and improved lighting would be. And everything else that would have been useful if making videos for YouTube was what I wanted to do instead.

Boxxy has stated her desire to abandon YouTube in favor of an acting career citing her lifelong interest in the arts. Catherin has been avoiding the spotlight for a while now. It was in 2014 that she uploaded her final video under the Boxxy alias.

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Is Boxxy use any Social Media Platform Now?

Certainly, you can find Boxxy on social media at @boxxybabee on Instagram and @catiewayne on Twitter. However, she hasn’t posted anything new to either of her accounts since 2021. In both of her profiles, she describes herself as a “voice-over lady.

What Happened to Boxxy

It passed its prime on YouTube. Honorable individual. Fan of animated films. Human-animal hybrid. Yes, a human being, not an animal, if you know what the f*** I’m talking about.

Boxxy has stated her desire to abandon her youtube channel in favor of a career as an actor, citing her newfound interest in acting and writing. Please tell us how you feel about our post. You must respond to our post in the comments section.

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