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What Happened With Kentucky Man Who Killed 3 Law Enforcement Officers?

Kentucky Man Died in Jail

Kentucky Man Died in Jail

A man from Kentucky who was arrested in June 2022 for allegedly shooting three police officers reportedly passed away on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. The suicide hypothesis has been accepted by the authorities.

The Floyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney Trent Turner was quoted by the Lexington Herald-Leader as saying that the man likely committed suicide. ABC confirmed that the suspect died from an apparent suicide.

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Who are the officers killed by Kentucky Man?

The Courier-Journal reported that during the course of the shootout, three law enforcement officers were killed: Deputy William Petry of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Ralph Frasure of the Prestonsburg Police Department and Officer Jacob Chaffins of the Prestonsburg Police Department.

Hunt told, “They encountered pure hell in the aftermath of the shooting. They had no chance”. At least four additional people were injured. Floyd County Emergency Director Joe Reynolds and deputies Darrin Lawson and Gary Wolfe were hurt and a police dog was also killed.

Kentucky Man Died in Jail

Storz was arrested on suspicion of murdering two police officers, attempting to murder two others and assaulting a service animal. The bond amount for him was $10 million.

As per Breitbart reports, Herald-Leader said, the warrant stems from an incident in which Storz allegedly attempted to keep his wife from leaving by locking her in a bedroom.

Storz’s wife said he trapped her in a bedroom, threw her around the room and slapped her and s*xually assaulted her. He allegedly brandished a pistol and demanded that she beg for her life and their daughter’s life, according to the complaint.

Lance said he has nothing to lose and is ‘all in his wife said in the complaint. She also said he told her, I would never leave him outside of a body bag and that he would kill their daughter as well.

The Herald-Leader reports that while Storz was sleeping his wife called the police and escaped the house with their daughter. Police have not yet performed an autopsy on Storz and are still looking into the circumstances surrounding his death.

As of yet, we have that much information related to his death. We will keep you informed as new details emerge. Read about what’s going on in the world by following our Twitter feed.

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