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Hannah Brown Discusses About Her Aunt and Cousins’ Murder

Hannah Brown Family Murder

Hannah Brown Family Murder

In her new autobiography, Hannah Brown discusses some of the most traumatic experiences of her life. The former Bachelorette revealed to E! News that when she was six years old, she found out about the murders of her two little cousins and her aunt.

This past Tuesday 21 Feb 2023 saw the publication of God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life’s Greatest (and Worst) Times.

Brown, now 27 years old, reportedly stated that she learned her aunt LeeLee and her two young children, Robin and Trent had died when her father missed her dancing recital to “assist” her.

“It would take a few days for me to understand that Aunt LeeLee and Robin and Trent had been murdered,” she later added. “It would take months after that to put the pieces together, since nobody wanted to talk about it. And it would take years for me to get the whole story, once I was old enough to look it all up for myself on the Internet.”

Brown said that the murder “changed everything” for her and that she sometimes wonders if her narcolepsy is related to the trauma she experienced.

“When my mom told us that somebody had come into their house and ‘hurt them,’ it terrified me in the deepest parts of my heart,” she wrote.

“Like I said, I didn’t know the whole story with all the details until years later, but coming that close to something so awful, so terrifying— it was a turning point for me. It changed everything. I was no longer living in the innocence of an untouched childhood.”

“I sometimes still question if I’m in a really bad dream,” she continued. “You see someone is old and has lived a long life, but when they’re younger than my dad. When they’re a family member. When they’re cousins. When they’re Robin and Trent. When Robin was the exact same age as me.”

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Even though Brown’s loved ones “didn’t believe” in therapy when she was younger, she still found it necessary to go.

“I wouldn’t begin to heal until I was in my mid-twenties, in the presence of a therapist. And until I opened up about it in this book, almost no one knew about it. So now, I’m just hoping that you, and anybody else who hears about it, will take this story and treat me gently with it,” she wrote.

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