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Who Won in a Fight Between Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

Who Won Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight

Who Won Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight on Sunday, February 26, 2023 and this match is one of the most anticipated in recent MMA history. After much pressure from fans, YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul fought Tommy Fury in an eight-round cruiserweight bout on Sunday.

Who Won in Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight?

The 26-year-old Jake and the 23-year-old Tommy each had their chances and they both landed significant blows throughout the bout. When Paul jabbed Fury in the eighth round, the heavyweight champion was knocked out. TF got back up on his feet fast and he fought hard for the rest of the round.

Tommy appeared to be the more physically dominant fighter and he exploited his reach advantage and jab to hold Jake at bay in the 18-foot ring. As the more active fighter, Fury landed 88% of his punches (302) and threw 302 total.

A total of 49 of Paul’s 157 punches connected. Paul put up a good fight but Fury won by split decision. One judge gave Jake the win by a single point while the other two judges were deadlocked. Two of the three judges agreed that Tommy was the winner.

Who Won Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight

After the fight, Tommy broke down in tears and said that his conflict with Paul had consumed the last two years of his life. Moreover, Fury said that he had now come into his own having emerged from the shadow of his heavyweight champion sibling Tyson. “Tonight I made my own legacy, I am Tommy Fury”, Tommy Fury said.

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What did Jake Paul Say at the end of the Game?

Paul, who conceded defeat but revealed that he had been hampered by illness and injury in training made it clear in his postfight interview that he would be using the rematch clause in his contract. Even Tommy seemed depressed, asking Jake to bring it on.

After returning to his locker room, Jake posted a message to his social media accounts, promising to return.

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