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How Did Kim Kardashian Look Before Her Plastic Surgery?

Kim Before Surgery

Kim Before Surgery

Kim Kardashian has had a drastic makeover over the years, becoming a bona fide icon of fashion. But how did she look before she became famous, and has she undergone any plastic surgery? Kim Kardashian is her family’s show’s breakout star, and she is widely regarded as the most renowned reality TV personality.

The 40-year-old mother of four has gone through a remarkable metamorphosis over the years and her unwavering commitment to every major fashion trend has always been front and center.

I’m curious to see what Kim looked like before she became famous. Have there been any cosmetic changes made to her? Let’s take a look back at how Kim Kardashian has changed through time, from her early photos to the speculation that she has had implants.

Kim Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery

Kim Before Plastic Surgery

Anybody familiar with the owner of SKIMs knows that even before she became famous, she was still very much a part of the celebrity scene. She attended the same high school as Nicole Richie and then worked as Paris Hilton’s personal stylist after growing up in the A-list community of Calabasas.

Before she became a national figure in reality TV and married her now ex-husband, Kanye West, she was rapidly surrounded by a lot of stars and dated a handful of them, including Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, and Ray J.

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Kim Kardashian After Plastic Surgery

Does Kim Kardashian have Plastic Surgery

Kim got her famed posterior x-rayed in an episode of KUWTK from season 6 to dispel rumors that she had butt implants. Though her sisters Khloe and Kylie have also been accused of using fillers and sculpting to obtain their hourglass figures, some fans have argued that this doesn’t indicate that she hasn’t.

Many have speculated that Kim’s excellent figure may be the result of her rigorous workouts with a personal trainer rather than plastic surgery.

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