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Keanu Reeves Trained for ‘John Wick 4’ Fight Scenes for Three Months

Keanu Reeves John Wick 4 Training

Keanu Reeves John Wick 4 Training

Due to his reputation for doing all of his own stunts, Keanu Reeves spent over three months preparing for “John Wick: Chapter 4.” The action franchise, financed by Lionsgate, has been known to raise the stakes with each new movie, and “Chapter 4” is no exception.

We’ve been training for nearly a year. Reeves said as much in a new featurette for the sequel. When asked about the difficulty of nun-chucks, one student responded, “You know, nun-chucks, which was tricky…” There’s a little bit more effort required for John Wick’s moves. And the teamwork and dedication are clear to observe.

The scene in which Keanu Reeves’ character performs a driving stunt by racing around Paris’s iconic Arc de Triomphe was the most difficult. The actor had to figure out how to drift backward 180 degrees while reloading his pretend rifle and firing it out the window. After the success of “Chapter 3,” Reeves said, “For ‘Chapter 4,’ we wanted to bring the muscle cars back.”

Have we crossed a line here? Reeves was curious about the film’s crazy antics. The “Chapter 4” automobile stunts were “taken to the next level,” as Reeves previously told Total Film magazine. As in, “There are 180s, forward-into-reverse 180s, reverse-into-forward 270s, drifting, etc.” Having the opportunity to gain such knowledge and enjoy the game was a blast.

Reeves added:

“’John Wick: Chapter 4′ has the most action of any of the [‘John Wick’] films, which is saying a lot. And it’s more by a good margin. It’s a big show… ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ was the hardest physical role I’ve ever had in my career so far. They really trained me up to be able to have what we call the toolbox.”

John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, continues his quest to eliminate the nefarious High Table in “John Wick: Chapter 4,” which sees him team up with some familiar faces and take on some new foes.

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Aside from Reeves, the cast includes Bill Skarsgard (as Marquis), Donnie Yen (as Caine), Laurence Fishburne (as Bowery King), Lance Reddick (as Charon), Rina Sawayama (as Akira), Shamier Anderson (as Tracker), Hiroyuki Sanada (as Shimazu), Scott Adkins (as Killa), and Ian McShane (as Winston).

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