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What Happened with Rafe Cameron in Outer Banks Season 3?

Rafe Cameron Season 3

Rafe Cameron Season 3

The class divide between the Kooks, the rich summer visitors and residents of Figure Eight, and the Pogues, the working-class locals of the Cut, is a major element in the Netflix original series “Outer Banks.” Rafe Cameron, more than anybody else, personifies the spoiled lifestyle of the Kooks (Drew Starkey).

Rafe grew up in affluence, in contrast to his self-made father. His difficult past and current cocaine addiction are strongly implied. His father and son have a tense relationship, but Rafe is determined to earn his approval.

After Season 2 ends, Ward is emotionally and physically shattered, altering the dynamic between him and Rafe in Season 3. This, in turn, sets the stage for their ultimate conflict. This article will provide you with all the information you require.

Where Did Rafe Went in Season 3?

Rafe Cameron in Season 3

Rafe and his loved ones begin the season on the island they own in Guadeloupe. When Rafe tries to take charge of the family now that his father is comatose, things don’t go as planned when he tries to sell the Cross of Saint Domingo, and he ends up a captive of Carlos Singh, the season’s main antagonist.

Rafe is able to evade Singh and make his way back to Guadeloupe. When Ward comes to, he regrets his past deeds, especially his effort to suffocate Sarah. Even though Rafe doesn’t agree with it, he sends him back to the Outer Banks to sell whatever they own there.

As his dad decides to give away the family relic, he feels even angrier at him. After Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and his buddies plan to drown the Cross, Rafe rescues it from the water and believes he should be the one to determine what to do with it.

With the help of Barry, the guy who earlier deceived him, Rafe steals the Cross, melts it down, and sells the resulting nuggets and bars. Pope is outraged to learn this because the Cross is a treasured artifact in his family. Even though Rafe doesn’t know it, Pope almost shoots him.

You can also check out more details we have covered about Outer Banks Season 3:

Ward is shocked to learn of Rafe’s actions upon his arrival in Outer Banks, but it appears that his son is no longer seeking his approval. He goes so far as to hire an assassin to kill Ward through Barry, but then changes his mind at the last minute and comes to his father’s help.

In the third season’s second-to-last episode, Shoupe confronts Rafe with some inquiries. Eighteen months later, at the party honoring Sarah and the others, he is noticeably absent. Maybe he ran afoul of the law since he assisted in his father’s elopement. It’s quite doubtful, though, that he admitted to killing Peterkin.

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