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New Trailer for Aggretsuko Season 5 has been Released

Aggretsuko Season 5

Aggretsuko Season 5

Netflix has announced that the last season of Aggretsuko will be available on the streaming service on February 16th, just in time for the show’s fifth and final season. After a year off, the last season of the anime was announced late last year. Aggretsuko has released a ten-episode season annually since 2018, but they skipped 2018 completely.

Retsuko, a shy office worker in her early twenties, returns with new experiences for the series’ fifth and final season. She just got her finance degree and is now working as an accountant for a brokerage. What seemed like a dream come true with much promise for the future is quickly becoming the demanding adult life she feared it would be.

Working in an office with a manager who is too controlling, going on dates, maintaining friendships, and coping with the pressures of adulthood will all add stress to Retsuko’s life. Opening for Season 5 will be the dramatic conclusion to the fourth season between Retsuko and Haida. In the upcoming fifth season of Aggretsuko, the two will be heading in opposite directions, with Haida quitting his career and Retsuko running for office.

Rarecho, of studio Fanworks, will once again direct and write the scripts for the upcoming fifth season. As can be seen in the preview, while each episode will still mostly center on Retsuko’s day-to-day life, Haida will get some screen time as well. A new character named Shikabane will also be introduced in the fifth season, and they may have an effect on Haida’s life.

You can also check out this new tv series trailer:

We don’t know if Retsuko and Haida will develop love feelings for one another in the series finale. Despite this, Netflix has provided a quick synopsis of what to expect in the next season. After learning that Haida has been living in an internet café after being evicted from his residence, Retsuko chose to move in with him in an effort to rescue him.

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