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What Did Selena Gomez Say on Tik Tok About Her Weight Gain?

Selena Gomez Weight Gain

Selena Gomez Weight Gain

Selena Gomez has told her detractors to go away because she is not and never will be a model. The 30-year-old performer addressed recent criticism about her appearance during a TikTok live, where she also revealed that the weight fluctuations she has experienced are the result of the lupus medication she takes.

You can see the Tweet of Selena Gomez which we have provided below:

Gomez explained her weight loss while off the drug in a video she posted to Twitter. She said:

When I’m on it, I retain a lot of water which is totally normal for me. Anyone out there who feels any sort of shame for exactly what they’re going through and no one knows the real story, I just wanted to say and encourage you.

Gomez’s mental health has taken a hit but she is trying to keep her eye on the prize. She said:

I just want people to know that you’re beautiful, and you’re wonderful and I love you guys and thanks for supporting me and understanding”.

And if you don’t agree, then leave, because I don’t support body shaming under any circumstances. Gomez opened up about her struggles with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can cause swelling, fatigue and joint pain in her Apple TV+ documentary “My Mind & Me.”

Singer disclosed in a heartbreaking documentary that her illness was deteriorating and that she had not felt such excruciating pain in years. Now it just hurts.

The posts we have given below covered the information related to the health and weight of your favorite celebrities:

The actress sobbed as she explained that she often cried first thing in the morning because it hurts, everything. Gomez tried a drug called Rituxan intravenously before, but it didn’t help with the pain, so she tried it again. Selena Gomez has spoken publicly about the side effects of the medication she takes to treat her lupus.

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