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What is Kira’s Backstory and Who Plays Her in La Brea Season 2?

Who is Kira on La Brea

Who is Kira on La Brea

In episode 10 of La Brea season 2, viewers are reacquainted with Kira, James Mallet’s trusted assistant and a member of the Lazarus Project’s support staff.

Some viewers may have been left feeling confused after this episode. On Twitter, one viewer said after the show that it “literally doesn’t make any sense.”

Who is Kira and Who Plays her in Season 2 of La Brea?

James Mallet’s right-hand woman is named Kira, or simply Kira since she does not appear to have a surname in the show’s credits on IMDB. She is played by Simone McAullay. Ty (Chike Okonkwo), who is in the midst of his cancer treatment, is having a conversation with her when she enters.

Who is Kira on La Brea

Writing to Ty, she warns him not to trust James and instructs him to “find out about Project Blue Moon” because she is worried that someone is secretly listening in from afar.

In a later conversation, she tells him that Project Blue Moon is the first Lazarus operation where James fired her. Kira suggests that James has restarted the experiment, or at least plans to.

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In what other Films and Television Series have you seen Simone McAullay?

Simone McAullay, an actress who was born on April 14, 1976, in Perth, Australia, is best known for her roles in British television comedies, soap operas, and dramatic series. McAullay went to The Actors Centre in Sydney, on Australia’s east coast, to hone her acting chops before she landed the role of Kira in La Brea’s second season.

Crash Palace’s Angie McIntyre and Invincible’s Mrs. Harrison both featured her acting abilities. Her role as Senior Constable Susie Raynor on the Australian drama series Blue Heelers was her first big break.

Who is Kira on La Brea

In the 2010s, she relocated to the UK to play Becca Fisher in the ITV series Broadchurch. During this time, she also appeared in The Smoke, The IT Crowd and Holby City. In 2016, she played Jess Philips in the BBC series The Coroner.

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In How Many Episodes Of La Brea Does McAually Play Kira?

Three – so far. Lazarus, episode 6 of season 2, was her debut. Episode 8 (Stampede) aired on January 31, 2023, as her second, and Episode 10 just this week marked her third.

According to Collider, a third season of La Brea has been officially ordered by NBC. The publication notes that the show has “managed to survive against all odds” despite receiving a “lambasting” after the premiere episode.

Even so, last night’s episode has left some viewers feeling bewildered. Others have expressed similar confusion on Twitter, writing things like “OK I’m lost” and “Need more clarity!”

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