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What did MSU Shooter’s Father Say About His Son Past?

MSU Shooter's Father Say About His Son Past

MSU Shooter's Father Say About His Son Past

On Tuesday(February 14, 2023), the father of the alleged shooter at Michigan State University, where three people were killed and five injured on Monday night spoke out about his son saying that since his mother’s death two years ago his son has become “evil and mean” and a recluse.

Anthony McRae was the shooter at Michigan State University. Let’s read more about him from this post.

How did Anthony Mc Rae Become Evil?

Anthony McRae changed after his mother Linda McRae died on September 13, 2020 from a stroke, according to his father Michael McRae. The phrase he was his mother’s boy perfectly describes him. His mother was the centre of his world.

The two of them were as close as two could be. According to Michael McRae, “his mom was like his sister.” Everything moved so quickly. The younger McRae, whose mother died unexpectedly reportedly stopped going to work loading refrigerators into delivery trucks and instead spent his days playing video games in his room.

Michael McRae said, “He became increasingly bitter.” After his mother passed away, he turned completely evil and cruel. Now he didn’t give a damn about anything. Michael McRae, a man who has been married to Linda for 45 years has said that he tried to get his son to get a job, get some therapy and start going to church with the family.

The father said, “If you need help, I’ll get you help”. He told me, “I’m OK, Dad; I don’t need any assistance”. Michael McRae claimed to be a “man of God” who reads the Bible daily and did his best to raise Anthony and his two other children.

MSU Shooter’s Father Say About His Son Past

Michael McRae has stated that he is unsure of his son’s motivations for choosing this particular school but speculates that he may have been looking for employment there.

According to court records, Anthony McRae’s last run-in with the law was early on June 17, 2019, when Lansing police officers found him sitting on the back steps of a building smoking a cigarette.

This was more than a month before the mass shooting that took place on Monday night. There had been a spate of burglaries in the area, so police were making regular patrols. A police officer approached Anthony McRae, who was standing next to his bicycle and asked, “You got any weapons on you or anything like that?”

According to the evidence presented in court, he admitted to being armed and police subsequently located a Ruger LCP.380 semi-automatic pistol in his pocket. Initially, he was facing five years in prison for the felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

Additionally, he was accused of a misdemeanour that carried a maximum sentence of two years in prison for having a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle. Following his guilty plea, Anthony McRae was placed on probation for the minor offence.

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Has Anthony MacRae Killed or Shooted Someone before?

According to his father, he has no idea how his son got his hands on a gun or why he felt he needed one. “We don’t need no guns in this house,” Michael McRae reportedly told his son. His son lived with him in Lansing, Michigan and he promised to get rid of it, but he never let his dad into his room.

Megan Bender, a neighbour said that the younger McRae had allegedly fired shots outside his house multiple times over the summer. Bender reported from inside her house that she heard gunshots coming from the backyard.

MSU Shooter’s Father Say About His Son Past

Bender claims the only time the father mentioned his son was when he asked if she had any bicycles after inquiring about his son’s stolen bike. Michael McRae

said he had never felt the need to report his son to the authorities because he did not believe his son posed a threat to himself or others.

Before an interview with NBC News on Tuesday (February 14, 2023) morning, the senior McRae had no idea how many people his son had killed or injured. Anthony McRae’s father exclaimed,

I really don’t believe it, but I know it’s true. The father claimed his son had never shown signs of aggression.

In our previous post, we covered all the information on the shooting at Michigan State University. For more latest news keep following our Twitter page.

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