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Is the 76 Year Old Woman Expecting a Child With an Italian Teenager?

Is the 76 Year Old Woman Expecting a Child With an Italian Teenager?

76 Year Old Woman Pregnant

A 19-year-old Italian guy named Giuseppe D’Anna announced on Tiktok that he was going to propose to his longtime girlfriend. This is due to the fact that Milina Gatta, a 76-year-old woman was the woman he claimed to love.

People speculated that the 76-year-old grandmother was wealthy and that the 19-year-old groom was marrying her in order to inherit her fortune. Some of the comments made by their detractors include, “She is literally old enough to be his great-great-grandmother” and “I think you guys took it a little too seriously when y’all said you like older girls.”

Giuseppe’s response to the criticism of his relationship was to insist that it was merely the first in a string of many. “Don’t listen to the hate, date who makes you happy and who you feel is right for you,” said the supporters.

Is The News of 76 Year Old Woman Pregnant True?

People were shocked when a 19-year-old man revealed he was expecting a child with a woman 57 years his senior, but it wasn’t quite what it seemed. When Giuseppe D’Anna posted a video of himself and his “fiancee” 76-year-old Milina Gatta, to Instagram, he shocked his 80,000 followers.

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Despite his posting a sweet picture with the caption “La nostra promessa” which means “our promise” trolls came out in droves to share how much they disapproved of their love after the couple went viral in 2022 with details of their relationship.

Some people think it’s impossible that the couple has announced they are expecting a child. The comments section was quick to question their news, with one user claiming, “It’s impossible to get pregnant when granny has hit her menopausal stage.”

She’s as old as your great-great-grandmother, another person remarked. The third person chimed in, “Lies, she’s not pregnant, impossible!” The comments “Money can do anything hence proved” and “this is creepy” suggest that someone else thinks Giuseppe is only interested in money.

76 Year Old Woman Pregnant

As per the reports of Mirror.Co.Uk, Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems in an exclusive interview with Jam Press, Giuseppe revealed that the whole thing is an elaborate hoax and that he was just trying to gain online fame by pranking his followers. He confirmed, “Yes, Milina is my grandmother.”

Giuseppe is merely playing a practical joke on his supporters. It is confirmed that the reports about the grandmother’s pregnancy and engagement are false. Follow our official Twitter page to receive updates as soon as they become available for more recent news pertaining to these kinds of topics.

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