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Next Level Chef Season 2 Contestant and Episodes List Everything You Need to Know

Your favorite especially for women, Next Level Chef Season 2 returns again on its streaming platform Fox. As you are aware of that it is a reality show and its first season was aired in 2022. Who is judging in this new season, and how many contestants will be there? Here you can clear all your doubts regarding the show. So keep reading on and know everything. 

Next Level Chef Season 2 

Next Level Chef Season 2, was aired on 12 February 2023, on Fox. Gordon Ramsy opened the show with his exclusive hosting. There you can see three stories kitchens having different kinds of roles each for the competitors. 

A challenge began with the top floor where a chef whistles and put his wish to challenge the ground floor kitchen. In the middle kitchen, all the ingredients match the environment.

“The epic one-of-a-kind culinary gauntlet returns to its iconic stage. Over three stories high, each floor contains a stunningly different kitchen. From the glistening top floor to the challenging bottom of the basement, the ingredients match the environment, because Gordon Ramsay believes the true test of great chefs is not only what they can do in the best of circumstances, but what kind of magic they can create in the worst!” (according to SKPOP)

Next Level Chef Season 2 Contestant, and Episodes List Everything You Need to Know

Who are The Judges on Next Level Chef Season 2?

As you know it is a reality show, obviously, there is present mentors chef to guide and judge the contestant for their bright future. Judge also helps to find the winner. Here are three mentor chefs including Gordon Ramsay, Nyseha Arrington, and Richards Blais.

Gordon Ramsay

Appeared in six primetime national network shows aired on FOX, Gordon Ramsay is also been nominated for an Emmy award. Aside from this he also hosts and produces previously Next Level Chef season 1, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back, and the upcoming Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Nyseha Arrington

A graduate of the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles Chef Nyesha J. Arrington is also available to judge the show. Born in California, belongs to a multicultural family famous as a chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, and TV personality.  She advises using fresh and local ingredients and said, “food that hugs the soul.

Richard Blais

Best known as a chef, restaurateur, James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author, and TV personality Richard Blais also judging the Next Level Chef season 2. He is also famous as the winner of the cooking show Top Chef All-Stars. He completes his graduation from the Culinary Institute of America and trained at The French Laundry, Daniel, Chez Panisse, and el Bulli.

Next Level Chef Season 2

 List of Next Level Chef Season 2 Episode

No. Title Release date
1. “A Next Level Welcome” February 12, 2023
2. “Party Like a Guac Star” February 16, 2023
3. “No Pain, No Grain” February 23, 2023

All the Contestant List of Next Level Chef season 2

Everything regarding the Next Level Chef Season 2 we discussed above. About the other upcoming episode, we will update you as we get new information. One episode was aired last Sunday 12 February 2023, on FOX. Other episodes also you can watch there.

So watch the Next Level Chef Season 2 and increase your kitchen information to serve your beloved yummy and healthy food. You can follow us on our Twitter handle to know more information like this. 

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