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What Happened on Friday That Killed Barry Sacks?

Barry Sacks Cause of Death

Barry Sacks Cause of Death

Instructor Barry Sacks passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 63 and we are deeply saddened to share the news. Searches for “Barry Sacks obituary” and “What was Barry Sacks’s cause of death?” have increased significantly recently.

The news of Barry Sacks’s death is currently making the rounds and many fans are curious to read more about his death. You can watch the Tweet that ESPN posted after Barry Sacks’ death that we’ve embedded below:

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What is Barry Sack’s Cause of Death?

On Sunday, a professor at Quinnipiac and an ESPN veteran passed away at the age of 63. On Friday night, Sacks had a heart attack and that was likely the cause of his death. The university released a statement expressing its deepest sympathies to Sack’s loved ones. 

As per the reports of, Associate Vice President for Public Relations at Quinnipiac University John Morgan said, “We send our deepest condolences to Barry’s family, friends and those in the university community who knew him.”

Barry joined the Quinnipiac faculty in 2015 and has since lectured in sports production for the university’s master’s program in sports journalism as well as sports broadcasting for the undergraduate program. The Quinnipiac University Journalism Department has honored Barry Sacks with a Tweet on the department’s official Twitter account:

A tribute to Sacks who had worked for ESPN for over three decades was shown during the network’s coverage of Super Bowl LVII on Sunday. While working at Bristol for 33 years, Barry had a hand in virtually every department.  Follow our official Twitter page to stay up-to-date with the latest news as it happens.

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