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Who Is Aka’s Girlfriend and When Their Relationship Officially Confirmed?

Who Is Aka's Girlfriend

Who Is Aka's Girlfriend

Kiernan Forbes better known by his stage name AKA is one of South Africa’s most successful and financially prominent rappers. Nearly a year after the death of his fiancee, AKA has introduced the world to his new girlfriend.

The pair who appear to be deeply in love has been the subject of media attention for both positive and negative reasons. Read on to find out who AKA’s girlfriend is, all the juicy details of their relationship.

Who Is Aka’s Girlfriend?

Zimbabwean rapper, songwriter and reality TV star Nadia Nakai who was born in South Africa is AKA’s girlfriend. Nadia Nakai, 31 years old was born to a South African father and a Zimbabwean mother. Before beginning her career as a rapper, she attended schools in South Africa and Kenya.

Nadia Nakai is a well-respected musician in both South Africa and Zimbabwe where she has been honored with a number of awards for her work on songs like “Saka Wena” and “Naaa Meaan” on which she collaborated with Cassper Nyovest.

Who Is Aka’s Girlfriend

Nadia Nakai has released over ten singles and an album as of 2022. Many of these singles feature collaborations with other well-known musicians. Nadia Nakai is well-known for her musical career, but she has also dabbled in television as a host and a star.

She and Siyabonga Ngwekazi co-hosted the South African edition of Yo! MTV Raps in 2019. On the Netflix reality show Young, Famous and African in 2022, Nadia Nakai made an appearance.

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When did Aka and Nadia finally Admit they were in a Relationship?

The rumors that AKA and Nadia Mukami were dating began in late 2021 after Nota Baloyi dropped a hint about them on an episode of his podcast Everybody Hates Nota. Supamega and Nadia Nakai went public with their relationship in February 2022.

Nadia and Aka

After keeping it a secret for months, after AKA commented on one of Nadia’s Instagram posts with a heart-eyes emoji and Nadia replied with a heart emoji of her own. Since their relationship became public, the couple has not been shy about showing their affection for one another with frequent vacations together and displays of PDA so over the top that some people find them endearing while others find them repulsive.

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