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Who Gives GEICO, The Gecko his Distinctive Voice?

Who is the Voice Behind GEICO’s Gecko

Who is the Voice Behind GEICO’s Gecko

GEICO, The gecko is without question one of the best and most well-known spokes-animals ever. Who, though, is the voice behind the cute green CGI reptile promising to save you “15% or more on your car insurance?” In this post, we’ll tell you everything we know about the man who gives the GEICO Gecko his voice.

Which Actor or Actress Provides the Voice to the GEICO Gecko?

IMDB claims that British actor Jake Wood currently voices the gecko, who some people know as Martin though GEICO’s response to an inquiry about the lizard’s name casts doubt on this. And yes, I did say current; it seems that the role of the frugal gecko has been played by a number of different voice actors over the years.

Kelsey Grammer, who starred in the popular TV show “Frasier” is just one example of a former actor who has made an appearance here. Since the 2010s, Wood has reportedly been the gecko’s mastermind. But he’s more than just a voice actor with a convincing Aussie lizard impression.

Who is the Voice Behind GEICO’s Gecko

According to, GEICO’s Martin Agency in Virginia is responsible for creating Martin/Gecko. Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway which acquired a controlling stake in the company in 1996 and immediately launched a massive national advertising campaign.

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Marketers capitalized on the common mispronunciation of the acronym “gecko” and introduced the iconic character in the year 2000. The people of the United States fell quickly in love with his charisma and he became an advertising icon, as stated on the GEICO website.

Other GEICO mascots include the Caveman, the pig with the pinwheels who yells “weee” while riding in a car, and Kash, the stack of money with enormous eyes who never said a word. We sincerely hope that you have gained a thorough understanding of the story of the man who provides the voice for GEICO’s iconic gecko. Keep checking back to for the latest information on related topics.

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