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Surprisingly South Park Season 26 Maintains a Dramatic Change for Cartman

South Park Season 26 Cartman

South Park Season 26 Cartman

In season 26 of South Park, Cartman continued to spew anti-Semitism and toxic lies, but the show also maintained a startling twist that completely recast his character’s basic Operandi. To be fair, Eric Cartman isn’t a particularly nuanced protagonist. He’s been the show’s resident jerk ever since South Park premiered.

Cartman, in contrast to Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Butters, is essentially a never-ending string of problems. Cartman is a sociopathic bully who can go from picking on a younger kid to actually killing his parents and feeding them to him in secret. He is cruel, close-minded, dangerously manipulative, bigoted, and sociopathic.

Season 26 of South Park, however, has a chance of altering this. The fact that Cartman can be counted on to play a villainous role in most episodes is one of the show’s most consistent selling points. Cartman is always the most dishonest character in a South Park episode, even when he isn’t the primary villain.

This means he is always the one who helps the boys do whatever immoral thing they need to do to advance the plot. The first episode of South Park season 26 is titled “Cupid Ye,” and it reveals what would happen to Cartman if his mother stopped tolerating his antics, as seen in the Streaming Wars.

“Cupid Ye” Alters the Typical Villain Role of South Park’s Cartman

Cupid Ye Alters the Typical Villain Role of South Park’s Cartman

Cartman has always been the most villainous character in South Park. In spite of this, “Cupid Ye” establishes him as the episode’s improbable hero. It’s true that Cartman only manages to save his companions from an anti-Semitic cherub on his shoulder after listening to this cherub’s conspiracy theories for several days.

However, Cartman is able to discern when Cupid Ye is becoming increasingly unstable and is thus a crucial part of the team that ultimately succeeds in protecting the town from Cupid Ye. This is a surprising turn for Cartman, as it suggests that his mother’s rejection to enable his shenanigans in The Streaming Wars actually had an effect on him.

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Because of this Plot, South Park’s Cartman Evolution was able to Continue

Because of this Plot, South Park’s Cartman Evolution was able to Continue

Cartman evolves in The Streaming Wars Part 2 from South Park’s standard-issue antagonist to a more introspective persona. South Park has tried serialized stories before, but the program has always relied on Cartman’s villainy, thus it was unlikely that this alteration would have an effect on his character in season 26.

Since each episode of South Park is produced at record speed, the show doesn’t have as much time as other comedies to plot out season-long arcs and its emphasis on contemporaneous satire means that a major arc might be derailed by improbable current events.

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