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How Did Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal Describe Their Bond?

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal

In The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey play the dual roles of Joel and Ellie, a father and daughter. The Last of Us, a new series on HBO is receiving high praise for its compelling characters and story. Cast as the show’s protagonists, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are two of the show’s most prominent actors.

Pascal, 47 and Ramsey, 19 admitted on Twitter that they had concerns about their chemistry on set because of their age difference. Furthermore, the fact that they initially connected through a cringe s*xual harassment Zoom call did not help matters.

At the time, Pascal said he tried to avoid making things awkward by contacting Ramsey’s mother first. He recalled wondering, “How am I going to text a 17-year-old?” Even though it was freezing in Canada, Pascal and Ramsey ended up working together for many hours.

They compared their real-life dynamic to that of their characters Joel and Ellie and found few differences.

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal

Pascal said, There was nothing simple about any of this. We were both nervous about living up to people’s expectations and the hours and the content were rough. Will they like me? Until the events of The Last of Us, Pascal and Ramsey had never met each other. But they did share a love for Game of Thrones.

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Both actors told EW they brought Game of Thrones fans into The Last of Us with them. They felt like they were part of a family because of the bond. Pascal remarked,

It’s as if we were born into the same family even though we didn’t grow up together. I appreciate that our characters’ introductions and departures were so similar as it served as a kind of bonding experience before we even met each other.

Ramsey continued

I don’t think that I’d be an actor if it weren’t for Game of Thrones ’cause I never really set out to be one and then it sort of happened. Having it this way is perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. As a result, I don’t think anything else could have better prepared me for The Last of Us and the rest of my work.

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal’s bond is shown by both and fans love their chemistry. Thank you for reading this post. You are obligated to tell us your response in the comments section. You can always check our website for the most recent information. Add our site to your bookmarks and return frequently to read the breaking news.

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