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The Backrooms a YouTube Horror Series is Becoming a Film

YouTube Horror Series The Backrooms

YouTube Horror Series The Backrooms

Put on your protective gear, for the Backrooms are about to hit theatres. Production companies A24, Atomic Monster, Chernin Entertainment, and 21 Laps Entertainment have teamed up with Kane Parsons to develop a cinematic adaptation of his popular YouTube horror universe. Parsons, only 17 years old, will take the helm as director, and Roberto Patino, a seasoned veteran of the screen, will pen the script.

The protagonist of Parsons’s original short film was a young filmmaker from the 1990s who suddenly found himself in another world. Strange monsters lurk behind the glaring yellow walls of this mazelike new dimension. The creepypasta posted to 4chan in 2019 was a major influence on the short. Over 44 million people have watched it because of its found-footage technique, spooky tone, disturbing imagery, and unnerving scares.

The scale of Parsons’ universe has expanded greatly since his initial video. As of this writing, he has directed 16 episodes of the YouTube series Backrooms. Other outlets have also mined Parsons’s universe for inspiration, producing their own horror stories set in the disturbing parallel universe. Some video games take place in the Backrooms as well, such as the 2022 co-op horror exploration game Escape the Backrooms.

The science fiction horror picture has tremendous unsettling potential, but the plot is being kept under wraps for the time being.

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Who is Going to Produce The Movie?

Who is Going to Produce The Movie

The film is being produced by James Wan and Michael Clear, two of the biggest names in the horror genre, with Judson Scott and Chis White serving as EPs and Alayna Glasthal serving as the producer in charge. The film’s executive producers for 21 Laps Entertainment are Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Dan Levine. The film will have two major financiers: Chernin Entertainment and A24.

Parsons will direct the film while on sabbatical this summer, and shooting is set to begin soon. Patino, the writer and producer of the first two seasons of Westworld and Sons of Anarchy, has worked on a wide variety of projects. He also developed and ran the series DMZ on HBO Max. It was first reported by Deadline.

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