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Cody Rigsby Apologizes to Kristina Girod and the Power+flow Fitness Studio for Previous Social Media Statement

Cody Rigsby Peloton

Cody Rigsby Peloton

Cody Rigsby a Peloton teacher has issued a public apology to Kristina Girod and the Power+Flow fitness studio community for a statement he made on social media.

Kristina Girod is the owner of Power+Flow, a well-known indoor cycling studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. She maintains an active social media presence, sharing clips from her classes often on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

She is followed by 795,000 people on Instagram and 1.4 million people on TikTok. High speeds out of the saddle and rigorous choreography characterize Kristina’s cycling approach, which stands in stark contrast to that of a typical Peloton cycling class.

Last week an individual commented on one of Kristina’s videos, saying:

“@codyrigsby we want these classes from peloton and your [sic] the person to do it!!! @onepeloton.” Cody replied to the comment, writing: “absolutely not, this shit is unsafe and a joke.”

Kristina posted a video response to the statement:

Kristina stated:

“Cody, Peloton: I’ve been a follower for years. Really disappointed to see you talk about a locally-owned, Black-owned, women-owned business who’s just out here trying to change the game and is actually doing so. So I’m going to encourage you to keep this energy out of my way because we don’t have time for that.”

To date (when this was written), Kristina’s post on Instagram has had over 32,000 likes, while her TikTok video has approximately 50,000 likes. In the previous several days, users have been tagging Cody and the official Peloton accounts in comments across both platforms.

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Cody has released a video in which he apologizes to Kristina and the Power+Flow community for his behavior. In his words, Cody said

“I want to say I’m sorry to Kristina and the Power+Flow community in Scottsdale, Arizona. I know my words have impact, I know that they matter, and I will definitely do better as I move forward. I have the utmost respect for the community that you’re building, and what I said shouldn’t have been said.”

Kristina has not replied to Cody’s last post as of this writing.

There have been disputes aroused between Cody and Kristian. We have provided you with all details we got on their fight and what they have been posting by tagging each other on social media. If you want to check out more articles related to this then you can bookmark our site where you can find everything relating to your taste.

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