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What was Former Arizona Swimmer Ty Wells Cause of Death?

Arizona Swimmer Ty Wells Death

Arizona Swimmer Ty Wells Death

On Friday, the circumstances of the death of former Arizona Wildcats swimmer Ty Wells were made public. The Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Wells, 23 years old, passed away of natural causes “due to a disseminated streptococcal bacterial infection following a protracted upper respiratory tract infection.”

When Wells passed away on January 27th, 2019. A postmortem examination and subsequent laboratory testing, according to the authorities, yielded the results. The Arizona Daily Star reports that while strep throat is a curable condition, other streptococcal bacterial infections may be far more serious. (as per Fox

Dave Heeke, the athletic director at Arizona, wrote a glowing article about Wells in his weekly Wednesday newsletter.

“Ty was a decorated swimmer, dedicated student and outstanding leader who was a member of our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and was passionate about serving in the community,” Heeke wrote.

He was a kind-hearted Wildcat who looked out for his fellow athletes across all of our teams, and his infectious grin could brighten up any room. In May, Ty received his degree from the University of Arizona, where he had participated in the Wildcats’ storied football program. There are countless Wildcat fans who say they are better off because of his influence.

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“We are keeping the Wells family, as well as Ty’s friends, teammates, colleagues and loved ones, in our thoughts as we remember this tremendous young man.”

From 2018-2019 and again in 2020-22, Wells represented Arizona in the breaststroke events. Last year, he competed in the Pac-12 Championships and placed tenth. According to the university, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and physiology in May of 2022.

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