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In 84 Years, Turkey Has Not Experienced a Natural Disaster on This Scale

Turkey earthquake is country's worst disaster

Turkey earthquake is country's worst disaster

The death toll from the powerful earthquake that struck southeast Turkey close to the border with Syria has risen above 2,300. There were over 1,500 fatalities in Turkey, according to the disaster agency while in Syria it is estimated that only 810 people perished.

As rescuers sift through piles of rubble in the cold and snow those estimates are likely to rise further. As per the reports of, The president of Turkey has called this the worst natural disaster in his country in decades. At 04:17 local time (01:17 GMT), at a depth of 17.9 km (11 miles), a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit near the city of Gaziantep.

Seismologists have deemed the initial tremor to be one of the largest ever recorded in Turkey. According to those who made it out alive, it was two minutes before the trembling finally stopped. Elbistan, in Turkey’s Kahramanmaras province was hit by a second earthquake 12 hours later, this one measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that the disaster was the worst since the Erzincan earthquake in the country’s east killed nearly 33,000 people in 1939. On the other hand, another devastating earthquake struck the northwest of Turkey in 1999, taking the lives of over 17,000.

Turkey earthquake is country’s worst disaster

Melisa Salman, a local of Kahramanmaras said that despite the fact that she was born and raised in an area prone to earthquakes, Monday’s quake was “the first time we have ever experienced anything like that. The end of the world, she said was what everyone was expecting.

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How Many Buildings Were Destroyed in Earthquake?

It is estimated that at least 5,385 people in Turkey and 2,000 people in Syria have been injured. Numerous casualties have been reported in northern Syria, where millions of refugees have sought shelter in camps along the Turkey–Syria border. Dozens of people have been killed in areas where rebels are in control.

Several videos capture the moment hundreds of buildings fall while terrified onlookers scramble for safety. There are huge mountains of rubble for miles in every direction and many roads have been destroyed along with buildings that were once four or five stories tall.

Gaziantep Castle, a historical landmark that had stood for over 2,000 years was one of the buildings that were destroyed. A BBC Turkish correspondent also reported that a shopping mall in the city of Diyarbakir had collapsed.

On Twitter, Turkish Red Crescent president Kerem Knak announced that more blood and medical supplies were being sent to the affected area and urged citizens to donate blood. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey said 45 countries had responded to his country’s appeal for aid by offering assistance.

(According to the reports of Suleymon Soylu, Turkey’s interior minister said that ten cities were hit by the initial quake: Hatay, Osmaniye, Adiyaman, Malatya, Sanliurfa, Adana, Diyarbakir and Kilis. No classes will be held for at least a week in those cities.

Many people were killed in this earthquake in Turkey. This is the second-worst disaster on record, after the 1939 earthquake. We will let you know if any new information emerges about the earthquake. To those who have read this far: we appreciate your interest. Our website is continually updated with the most recent details. You can easily check back for changes by adding our site to your bookmarks.

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