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What Happened To Cholo Endure Right Before he Passed Away?

El Cholo Death

El Cholo Death

The chilling news of how El Cholo’s remains were discovered shocked the public over a year ago since then, new details have emerged. It discusses allegations that El Cholo was beaten before his death. El Cholo was allegedly taken into custody by “rivals” from the criminal organization he once belonged to, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).

Let’s read in this post what happened with El Cholo before his death and how his body find. El Blog del Narco has recently published shocking details about the purported retaliation by “El Mencho and his people” against El Cholo for being made to confess his crimes on video.

A short while later, both of El Cholo’s eyes were gouged out, eight of his toes were severed, his tongue was pulled out (not cut) and he was shot three times in the head. Moreover, he was pierced four times with a sharp object.

What is the Reason Behind EL CHOLO’s Death?

El Cholo’s death has been called Narco El Mencho’s Revenge according to the rumors. A man known as “El Cholo” who was allegedly the CJNG’s financial operator was murdered and this led to the fracture, as reported by La Verdad Noticias.

The Puerto Vallarta supermarket parking lot was the scene of his murder. El Cholo supposedly gave the order for this to happen. A video of El Cholo’s capture went viral after it revealed shocking information. The narco didn’t know it, but he was probably going to die during the making of the video they made him make.

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How did the Body of El Cholo Find?

The body of the notorious drug lord “El Cholo” was discovered in Guadalajara, Mexico wrapped in plastic and left on a park bench. 

El Cholo Dead

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