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What Happens to Spencer in the ‘1923’ Boat Wreck?

Does Spencer Die in the Boat Wreck in 1923

Does Spencer Die in the Boat Wreck in 1923

Once the captain has finished giving Spencer and Alexandra a crash course in operating his vessel, he will retire below deck for the night. Six hours later, he takes control of the ship despite Spencer’s advice that he continue resting and dies almost immediately.

Paramount+’s 1923 has returned after a month hiatus to resume airing the second half of the first season this week. Spencer Dutton is quickly becoming the latest Dutton heartthrob thanks to his charisma, good looks and typical Dutton fighting spirit.

Spencer and his stunning future wife, Alexandra, are the picture-perfect couple. Cara penned a letter to Spencer, begging him to return to the Yellowstone Ranch and save his family after tragedy struck. Let’s read what happened with Spencer in Boat Wreck in 1923.

Does Spencer Die in the Boat Wreck in 1923?

According to the reports of, Neither Spencer Dutton nor his wife, Alexandra, perish in the Boat Wreck in 1923. They dodge attacks from a leopard and an elephant and a ghost ship crashes into and capsizes their tugboat while they are out at sea.

Many viewers have still left guessing, even though episode 6 has not aired yet about whether or not Spencer and Alexandra will survive the boat crash after it capsizes. Yet there is a mountain of proof indicating that they will.

In a teaser trailer shown between episodes 4 and 5, Spencer can be seen pointing a gun at a shark. Spencer and Alexandra can be seen in a brief scene on the hull of a capsized tugboat in the midseason preview trailer. In the final moments of the trailer, we see Alexandra standing on the bow of a massive ship providing the only remaining evidence that she and Spencer made it.

Here’s the trailer if you want to see the proof:

This confirms that Spencer and Alexandra are alive, albeit lost and in perilous circumstances. The fact that Alexandra’s character played by Julia Schlaepfer mentions attending cowboy camp with the rest of the cast in an interview with Collider is yet another indication that the cast members make it.

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