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Is Pixar Planning to Release Cars 4 on Disney+?

Cars 4 Release Date

Cars 4 Release Date

Is Pixar’s hugely successful Cars franchise likely to get a fourth installment? In the first Cars film, Owen Wilson voices Lightning McQueen, a talking race car who gets lost in a desert town on his way to a race and has to do community service there before he can continue on to the next.

The arrogant race car learns a lesson in humility from the locals and comes to love the quaint village. Though not as critically acclaimed as Toy Story or Monsters, Inc., Cars was still a huge hit for Pixar. Cars 3 was a step up from Cars 2 and was well-received by fans of the franchise as a whole because of its bolder tone and subject matter than in the previous films. Let’s read in this post if there is any hope for the release of Cars 4 or not?

Is Pixar Planning to Release Cars 4?

Pixar has stated that they have no plans to make Cars 4 yet. The next Pixar sequel is Inside Out 2, which will hit theatres on June 14, 2024, but there has been no official confirmation of a Cars 4. Over the course of several years, numerous sequels to Pixar’s most successful films had been released.

After the success of Toy Story 4, however producer Mark Nielsen announced that the studio would be shifting its focus away from sequels and toward the creation of original works. This was before the announcement of Inside Out 2, so Pixar may be changing its strategy.

Also, Cars 3 did a great job of bringing Lightning McQueen’s racing story arc to a satisfying conclusion and because of the film’s relatively weak box office performance in comparison to its predecessors, Cars 4 is likely to remain in storage for the foreseeable future.

Cars 4 Release Date

Given the studio’s current film schedule, it’s unlikely that Pixar will make Cars 4. Producers Kevin Reher and Andrea Warren said in 2017 that they were open to making more Cars films saying,

Like any sequel from Toy Story 4 to Incredibles 2, as long as there’s a good story to tell it’s worth investing, we do love these characters, we love them as much as the public does.

Owen Wilson has also hinted at a possible Lightning McQueen sequel saying, “I would imagine that if they do another one, it’ll be something pretty cool.” This statement suggests a radical reinvention of the racing series which has been a staple of the franchise.

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In deciding whether or not to make a Cars 4, it’s important to remember that the previous films in the series have garnered a loyal fanbase and that the franchise has incredible potential for merchandise sales. Profits from Cars toys and merchandise are comparable to those of Star Wars and Disney Princesses, putting the Pixar film series in the top tier. (According to information found on

However, maybe Lightning McQueen is in a suspense movie. Perhaps there is hope in that. But despite their anticipation, there has been no word on Cars 4. As soon as new information about Cars 4 becomes available, you can be sure that we will share it with you. If you want the most up-to-date information, the best way to get it is to follow our official Twitter page.

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