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Was Netflix New Password Sharing Rule Posted Accidently? Know the Truth

Netflix New Password Sharing Rule

Netflix New Password Sharing Rule

Netflix claims that the new regulations it announced a few days ago to prevent users from exchanging passwords were accidentally made public.

To review, earlier this week the streaming giant announced that Netflix accounts would be disabled after 30 days if the associated devices were not enrolled into the “home” network. An updated section of the platform’s support website clarifies that “a Netflix account is for people who live together in a single home,” and that “those who do not live in your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix.”

Netflix intended to identify users who were logging in from multiple locations by monitoring their IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity and taking action if it suspected the account was being used by someone who did not live in the same household.

Netflix members were not happy about the change, and many voiced their disapproval on social media, especially given the current economic climate.

“This new @Netflix anti-password sharing rule is so stupid. What about students? What about people who travel? I literally pay for one and won’t be able you use my own account after 30 days of leaving home?? Make it make sense,” one person tweeted.

Netflix has now claimed that the publication of its new guidelines was an error. A Netflix representative told The Guardian that “for a brief time yesterday, a help center article providing information that is solely pertinent to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru became live in other countries.” It has since been revised by us.

Check out this below tweet by Dexerto in which it is said that Netflix is removing the anti-password sharing rule:

However, not everyone was persuaded; several commenters on social media suggested that Netflix had reversed course in response to the criticism. “Is there a single person who doesn’t find this shocking? How about marginally? Of course, they would want to walk that statement back.

While one user tweeted, “There was going to be a reaction, maybe to the point of people canceling Netflix, thus Netflix losing money (more than they are),” another user commented, “Netflix reversing on the password regulations gives me optimism for the power of the consumer.”

Our Netflix subscriptions, whether paid or shared, may be secure for the time being, but new regulations could be implemented at any time. Netflix has acknowledged that restrictions on account sharing would be a “change for members who share their account,” saying, “As we roll out paid sharing, customers in many countries will also have the option to pay more if they want to share Netflix with someone they don’t live with.”

There have been many rumors relating to Netflix’x new password-sharing rule. We have clarified above what Netflix meant by the rules. You can also check these Netflix’s Top 10 movies coming in 2023 that you can enjoy if you are bored. To know more latest information you can join us on our Twitter account.

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