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The Covenant Trailer: Watch What Teaser Holds For Fans?

The Covenant Trailer

The Covenant Trailer

The first trailer for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming thriller The Covenant features Jake Gyllenhaal as a man with unfinished business. Opening on April 21st, the MGM action movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Army Sergeant John Kinley, who is rescued by his translator, played by Dar Salim, while serving in Afghanistan. The video shows Kinley debating whether or not to risk his life again to save Ahmed.

Somberly, Gyllenhaal’s character remarks, “If it wasn’t enough for him to carry me across those mountains, now he’s cowering in a hole somewhere.” It’s obvious that “I ought to be in that pit.”

Check out the below tweet by MGM Studios relating to the trailer:

Alexander Ludwig, Antony Starr, Jason Wong, Bobby Schofield, Sean Sagar, Sina Parvaneh, Emily Beecham, Cyrus Khodaveisi, and Christian Ochoa are also featured in the cast. Ritchie, along with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies, developed the script for the film, which was originally titled The Interpreter. Producers Atkinson, John Friedberg, and Josh Berger work with Ritchie on the show.

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Gyllenhaal has appeared in two recent films: Michael Bay’s Ambulance and Don Hall’s Strange World, an animated Disney film. His other works include Jarhead (2005) and Source Code (1999), both of which dealt with military themes (2011).

As the 25th anniversary of the release of Ritchie’s first feature film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, approaches, the director reflected on the film that launched his career in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. You close your eyes, and it was all a dream,” he added. You’re a pound heavier and a few dollars richer, but that’s about it.

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