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According to James Cameron Jack Might Have Lived in Titanic

James Cameron Jack Might Have Lived in Titanic

James Cameron Jack Might Have Lived in Titanic

Director James Cameron has admitted that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson, played in the film by Kate Winslet, might have survived the shipwreck depicted in the Academy Award–winning film. After twenty-five years of denial, several fan discussions, and a few scientific re-enactments, this has finally happened.

In the upcoming National Geographic documentary “Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameron,” the 68-year-old director puts the rumors to rest before the film’s theatrical re-release on February 10. The director ran tests simulating what it might have been like for Jack and Rose on the night of the Titanic disaster, and what they might have done to survive. For the same, he collaborated with a team of scientists and two stunt actors.

In the teaser, Mr. Cameron says,

 “We’ll find out once and for all whether Jack could’ve survived the sinking of Titanic.”

If we consider the first scenario, Jack is the one who rescues Rose from the water after another passenger has used her as a floating device and is now dragging her under. In another, the two characters immerse themselves in water at a temperature below freezing.

They then place them on the raft so that their heads are above the water, increasing their chances of survival. Note that the actor playing Jack began shivering and shaking as soon as he sat on the raft.

The conclusion reached by Mr. Cameron is now on display in a new film that debuted on Good Morning America. If the pair had used the door to keep only their upper bodies out of the water and Rose had given Jack her life jacket, it seems likely that Jack would have had a far better chance of surviving.

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“Jack might have lived, but there’s a lot of variables,” said Mr. Cameron in the video. “I think his thought process was, ‘I’m not gonna do one thing that jeopardizes her. And that’s 100 percent in character,” he further in the video posted on YouTube.

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