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Outer Banks Season 3 Will Arrive in February on Netflix

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date

After losing the gold to the Camerons, they washed up on a desert island, where we last saw them. The new Season 3 key graphic features the idyll of the treasure-hunting gang relaxing in their new house, which they have named Poguelandia.

They had everything they could want on their own island, including a gorgeous sunset view and each other. It’s the perfect setting for candlelit dinners and intimate conversations by the fire. But the most exciting part of their journey has yet to come. Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke, the show’s creators, remark, “The stakes are rising up.” The first two seasons, as the Pogues know them now, were just warmups for the ultimate treasure hunt.

Outer Banks Season 3

The Pogue family, including newcomer Cleo (Carlacia Grant), John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and JJ (Rudy Pankow), are on the run from enemies far from home. It’s the Pogues against the world, with Ward and Rafe out on vengeance and a merciless Caribbean Don for the bounty.

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The Pates and Burke said that it has been rewarding to watch the actors become closer throughout the years they have worked together on the show. They’ll always be my beloved Pogues. These sneak peek photographs offer us a taste of what the cast is up to in Poguelandia before tomorrow’s premiere of the Season 3 teaser — and it’s not all relaxing on a beach.

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The Pogues have had a lot of luck escaping from dangerous situations in the past, but will they be able to make it through the next chapter alive and claim their gold?

Learn when the third season of Outer Banks premieres on Netflix on February 23.

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