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How Did Connor Flowers Son Of Kelly and Dion Die?

Connor Flowers Death

Connor Flowers Death

Connor Flowers, son of Kelly and Dion Flowers, was loved and cherished by everybody who met him. Connor exemplified the type of driven young man who never gave up and gave his all to every challenge he faced. That he really was that into football was clear from his energy and enthusiasm. His natural ability on the football field made him even more noticeable. In addition to his infectious grin, his magnetic personality was what really drew in the crowds.

He was a devoted buddy who got a kick out of helping people and who never demanded anything in return. Caring for and loving him came easily. He may now go to be with his mother in paradise, where he will be safe and happy forever. There is now an extra set of eyes in heaven to keep an eye on us mortals. Connor’s absence will be keenly felt.

Kelly Flowers, Connor’s father, as well as his uncle Ernie and aunt Joan and their children Ernie Jr., Kim, and Antoinette, and his uncle Wayne and aunt Nakia and their children Manda and Michaella, all survive him. Antoinette Richardson, Connor’s cousin, is also still alive and well.

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What was Connor Flowers’s Death Caused?

Connor Flowers cause of Death

In addition, he had an amazing personality and a large number of friends who were willing to help him out whenever he needed it, even though they didn’t expect anything in return. Unfortunately, he passed away without a clear explanation for his untimely demise, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

A memorial service will be held at 12 PM on July 23 at the Whitesitt Funeral Home in Stevensville. There will be a reception at the Lolo Community Church immediately following the service at 5:00. A memorial fund has been set up at the Bitterroot Valley Bank in the Lolo Shopping Center to accept contributions in Connor Flowers’ name. The family has specifically requested these contributions.

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