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Who is Christina Mandrell Ex- Husband and Whom is She in Relationship With?

Christina Mandrell Husband

Christina Mandrell Husband

There is a one-on-one date between Christina Mandrell and Zach Shallcross on the second episode of Season 27 of ABC’s The Bachelor. Zach has been following the series from the start and Christina seems to be the early frontrunner.  Her Followers are curious to know about her marital status. To find out the most recent information about her husband, please read on.

Who is the Husband of Christina Mandrell?

Christina Mandrell’s ex-husband is William B. Blake Dennis. Life & Style claims that their first public appearance as a couple was in 2012. One of her Instagram posts from 2013 revealed that she and Blake had been together for a full calendar year.

Christina Mandrell Husband

A year ago, she wished @blakedennis106 “a happy anniversary.” I feel so fortunate to have you in my life and I pray that this is only the beginning of many years spent together. I adore you. On May 2nd, 2015, Christina and Blake exchanged their vows.

In December 2016, they welcomed a daughter, Blakely. After nine years of marriage, they split up for good in March of 2021. According to Us Weekly, their first date of separation was November 1, 2020. As of 2023, Christina and Blake appear to have made amends. 

What is the Reason for Christina Mandrell’s Divorce From Blake Dennis?

According to Life & Style, she cited inappropriate marital conduct as one of the reasons for the divorce. Christina ended up with the house after the couple asked to split their assets evenly. Since she has primary residential custody of their daughter, she also receives $414 in child support from Blake every month.

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Who is Christina Mandrell Currently in a Relationship With?

Christina has a beautiful daughter, Blakely who was born in 2016. According to her ABC bio, Since getting divorced, Christina has been searching for her perfect man who is okay with the fact that she has a daughter. During the second episode of Season 27 of “The Bachelor,” Christina Mandrell goes out with Zach Shallcross.

Christina Mandrell With Zach Shallcross

Christina Mandrell boldly made her way into Zach Shallcross’s presence. Despite not winning the First Impression Rose, she was still chosen for the season’s first rose ceremony date. Reality Steve claims that her date will appear in the second episode of season 27 of The Bachelor.

Date Location: Golfing at Anaheim Hills and Dining at the Orange County Mining Company Steve documented their personal meeting in writing. A rose was given to Christina. The date with Zach goes swimmingly leading us to believe he may be the one true love for Christina.

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