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What Did Attorney Ben Crump Do to Amass Such a Massive Fortune?

Ben Crump Net Worth

Ben Crump Net Worth

How much money does Ben Crump have? He has become one of the most prominent civil rights lawyers in the country. In addition, he is a major representation of fairness in our society. Ben Crump has defended the Brown, Floyd, and Martin families thus far. What did Ben Crump do to get successful? To check out all details you need to scroll down our post.

What is Ben Crump’s Net Worth in 2023?

Ben Crump has a $5 million fortune as of January 2023. With Ben Crump still in his prime, it’s logical to assume that this figure will skyrocket in the years to come. Money from settlements, attorney salaries and a sizable share of the ownership in his law business, Ben Crump, PLLC, made up the bulk of his income.

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When Did Benjamin Crump Begin his Career as a Lawyer?

When Did Benjamin Crump Begin his Career as a Lawyer?

A young Benjamin Crump launched his professional life in the first decade of this century. A common thread running through all of his cases was that he was defending people of color who had been the targets of racist violence. In 2002 he took on his first case defending the family of Genie McMeans Jr., who had been killed the year before after being shot by a white state policeman. Following this, during the 2000s, Crump would represent hundreds more high-profile clients.

Ben Crump didn’t just handle criminal cases though; he also handled a substantial number of civil cases. For instance, he was one of the major supporters of the Flint Water issue. In addition, he was the preeminent lawyer in the fight against Johnson & Johnson’s harmful effects on plaintiffs’ health.

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