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What Transpired That Led to Paul La Farge Untimely Demise?

Paul la Farge Death

Paul la Farge Death

Paul B. La Farge is an American novelist, essayist and academic. 20 years and five novels later, he finally achieved literary success. On January 18 in Poughkeepsie, New York, Paul La Farge left this world.

When he passed away, he was full 52 years old. According to the reports of The New York Times, His wife has stated that he died of cancer. His acclaimed works boldly explored historical and narrative conventions to examine how the past could influence the present.

Both the novels and short stories written by Mr. La Farge were difficult to classify, but they shared a certain daring on the part of the author. Red Hook, New York in the Hudson Valley was home to Mr. La Farge who became something of a magnet for a group of writers including Gary Shteyngart, a novelist and memoirist who was a fan.

Author Gary Shteyngart, along with friends, colleagues and fans has taken to social media to express their sadness at La Farge’s passing and reflect on the impact of his work.

Victor LaValle Tweeted from the verified account: Here is a lovely thread remembering Paul La Farge, who was a tremendously gifted writer and a genuine gentleman.

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