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When and Where You Can Watch A House Made of Splinters?

A House Made of Splinters

A House Made of Splinters

You can read here about all the details regarding A House Made of Splinters. As expected, the Academy has revealed its nominees for the 95th annual awards show. A House Made of Splinters was nominated for an award and now you can find out how to watch it online.

Olga Tokariuk shared a tweet on Twitter in which she mentioned, The documentary A House Made of Splinters which was produced in part by Ukraine and tells the story of children in that country who are currently living on the front lines was nominated for an Academy Award. Many, many thanks and best wishes to the designers!

Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the documentary A House Made of Splinters followed a young boy named Kolya as he lived in an orphanage in the country’s east. Tears turn to soap bubbles and hugs turn to fights in this award-winning film about an orphanage in eastern Ukraine filmed before Russia’s invasion in February 2022.

A group of Ukrainian women is responsible for running an orphanage out of a large dilapidated house in war-torn eastern Ukraine. It’s a safe place for kids whose homes have been destroyed by things like poverty, violence and alcohol to live for up to nine months while authorities figure out what to do with them.

Every time a child leaves the orphanage, another one arrives also aching for their family. Kolya is one of those kids who sneaks cigarettes, steals and draws tattoos on his arms while also watching out for his younger siblings before he sobs into his drunk mother’s arms.

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Where Can You Watch A House Made of Splinters?

You won’t be able to watch A House Made of Splinters on Netflix or Amazon Prime nor will you be able to buy or rent it on demand in the United States. However, you also have the option of watching it online via the BBC iPlayer’s Storyville section.

A House Made of Splinters

This is very convenient to access if you are in the United Kingdom. You can access it outside the United States by using a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to a server in the United States. Unlike the other Best Documentary nominees, this film does not have an American distributor.

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