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The Creator of “One Piece” Eiichiro Oda Hints to a Major Death in the Future

The Creator of One Piece Eiichiro Oda Hints to a Major Death

The Creator of One Piece Eiichiro Oda Hints to a Major Death

Creator Eiichiro Oda of the popular manga and anime One Piece has hinted that a pivotal character could perish around the year 2023. During the One Piece panel at Jump Festa, the prolific mangaka, as he does every year, addressed his devoted audience and teased what they might expect from the series in the following year. Given Oda’s dire predictions, it’s possible that a major character may perish in the year 2023.

Shueisha, the publisher of Jump magazines where popular comics like One Piece are serialized, hosts an annual convention in Japan called Jump Festa. The One Piece panel and Eiichiro Oda’s annual letter to his global fanbase are perennial high points of the convention.

Oda’s statements foreshadowed events that occurred in the manga the following year on each occasion. As One Piece has begun its (admittedly long) buildup to its finale, readers have been more curious than ever to see what lies next.

Oda opened his speech at Jump Festa 2023 with a review of the many achievements of One Piece in 2022. Of course, the most significant events were the conclusion of the epic Wano Arc and the debut of One Piece Film: RED.

Oda then briefly addressed the other news revealed during the panel before telling his followers that, despite his previous discussion about the plot being in the “final saga,” they should not worry that it would soon finish and instead should enjoy the voyage.

And here is Oda’s final statement, translated by Artur – The Library Of Ohara, about what’s to come in the One Piece manga: “No way! What, that individual and that one is going to get into it? And that’s the kind of tale you can anticipate! I’d call it a “free for all combat royale” if I had to give it a name. Please don’t let anyone be hurt!”

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Oda’s Message May Predict a Major Character’s Death

“I pray no one dies!” is the message’s most striking line. Oda’s statements usually mean more than merely hyping up the big battle royale. Last year, he invited fans to watch Luffy, who awakened his Devil Fruit and debuted his Gear Fifth transformation. In One Piece, significant characters never die and always return. In 2023, Oda may surprise fans by killing a significant character.


Zoro’s recent brush with Death suggests he may die soon. Most fans are rooting for Shanks, the formidable pirate who inspired Luffy to cruise the seas and handed him his iconic straw hat, starting the great One Piece saga.

Artur – The Library of Ohara translated Eiichiro Oda’s message.

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