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Why Vampire Academy Deserves a Season 2?

In previous days several shows are canceled by Netflix, but this time it is not Netflix that straight hurts its fans. But does Vampire Academy Deserves a Season 2? The streamer Peacock has canceled the hit series, Vampire Academy for its next season. Richelle Mead’s book-based series, Vampire Academy is brought by Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre in a different format.

We all know that the world of vampires is not as straightforward as it seems. When the fans watch Sisi Stringer and Daniela Nieves as Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir, with a very graceful performance, it is not easy to forget them now. In the series, fans can understand the white and black life of supernatural powers. You watched several characters who made interracial relationships, but it watches rarely when this relationship is between two non-white persons.

As you see in the series where Rose starts her romance with Mason Ashford. Another is Lissa’s affair with Christian Ozera, and the marriage of Victor Dashkov (J. August Richards) and Robert Karp (Cornelius Macarthy). Among these two are the lead characters of the series who connected with the audience. In the first season, you watched a romance between Mia Karp (Mia McKenna-Bruce) and Meredith Beckham (Rhian Blundell).

Vampire Academy Deserves a Season 2

This is a thing to discuss when a series Vampire Academy canceled which is led by non-white women. Even Vampire Academy had sufficient fans because the characters are rememberable marks on fans’ hearts.  Dimitri Belikov (Kieron Moore) is an unforgettable character and his romantic relationship with Stringer was too hotter than any other love story. 

We can get better in the next season if Peacock orders it for the second season. But sadly they deprived the audience to watch another level of strigoi. It is true that not any other series replace this series.

Can We Ever Get ‘Vampire Academy’ Season 2?

When Vampire Academy premiered the first part it is not expected that season will be canceled. Although several series get canceled, its cancellation will make NBCUniversal reverse course. These days you can see hashtags like #VampireAcademy and #SaveVampireAcademy trending on social media everywhere. Plec said that they wanted to buy the series for other streamers, which may give some hope to the series fans.

A Tweets regarding how the fans of vampire Academy demanding another season:

Vampire Academy fans came forward to criticize Peacock’s decision and appeal to other platforms to save the series. Fans are looking towards Amazon Prime Video to adopt the series as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel going to finish its fifth season. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in under production now, so there is a lot of time. But can just hope nothing else what Amazon Prime does, but it may be beneficial to release such a hit series.

Vampire Academy Deserves a Season 2

Aside this, fans are expecting from Hulu, HBO Max and Netflix to do the same. Peacock disappointed Vampire Academy fans, but they can not put down the fandom’s willingness. Across social media, fans came together to raise funds and donate blood, to fight against the streamer. Unfortunately, if no steamer came forward to save the series, people elevated the cast for the next stage of careers. Always they will remain our Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, Mia, Sonya, Meredith, and Mason. 

An offended fan tweeted at Vampire Academy about it’s Cancellation:

 Final Words:

Fans are demanding its next installment, and they came against Peacock network for their bad decision. The Vampire Academy season was canceled by the Peacock, this news was confirmed by our site in a previous article. You can follow us on our Twitter handle to know further information about the series.

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