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Who Leaked The Us No Fly List and What Data it Contains?

Us No Fly List Leak

Us No Fly List Leak

No Fly List contains the names of people who are considered to pose such a threat to national security that they are not allowed to board airplanes. The No-Fly List maintained by the Transportation Security Administration is one of the most important ledgers in the United States.

Swiss hacker “Maia Arson Crimew” managed to obtain a copy of the list not by breaking through impregnable layers of cybersecurity but rather by discovering a regional airline that had its data sitting about in unprotected servers.

The extremely sensitive Transportation Security Administration No Fly List may have been exposed when a hacker found it on an unprotected server, as reported by the Daily Dot. The TSA is not unexpectedly looking into how the information leaked.

Us No Fly List Leak

Representative Dan Bishop, a Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee said that lawmakers will be coming for answers because of the serious breach in cybersecurity protocols that have been discovered. Dan Bishop tweeted that a Swiss hacker had uncovered the whole US no-fly list on an unprotected server which included 1.5 million people.

What Data is Included in the No Fly List?

More than 900 CommuteAir employees’ passport numbers and home addresses were included in the document. It’s embarrassing, and it demonstrates how easily these datasets may be exposed to the public. To add insult to injury, the TSA is a dysfunctional, unfair and overly bureaucratic institution that fails to justify its own existence.

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As the TSA told the Daily Dot, we are aware of a potential cybersecurity incident and we are investigating in collaboration with our federal colleagues. The government is currently looking into the leak. It’s difficult to say how many people’s names appear on the list.

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