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How Old is Tina Leung The Glamorous Star of Blinge Emipire?

Tina Leung Age

Tina Leung Age

Tina Leung’s inclusion in the ultra-glamorous cast of Bling Empire: New York is only natural, given that she has been dishing out looks for years. The Netflix series has relocated to the East Coast, which means new characters, the return of a fan-favorite (hey, Dorothy Wang!), and drama on par with the stars’ cash accounts.

Given Leung’s prominence in the fashion industry, we would love an exclusive look inside Tina Leung’s Age and personal life.

What is Tina Leung Age?

Tina Leung is 40 years old at this time. After completing a course in fashion styling in New York, she went back to Hong Kong and began working as a stylist and writer for Prestige Magazine. For her, this last year was the pinnacle of her existence. Every month she wanted to quit since she worked so hard for so long and put in so long hours. In 2010, she also launched her personal blog titled Tina Loves.

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Who is Tina Leung from Blinge Empire: New York?

Who is Tina Leung from Blinge Empire New York

Tina Leung, a fashion stylist and blogger, moved to New York after growing up in Hong Kong and Los Angeles and attending college in Bristol, England. According to Fashionista, she spent a few formative years at the Fashion Institute of Technology before parlaying that education into a career in styling, writing and more.

Leung is a fashion icon known for her daring looks and even daring hair color (which is currently a mint-green tint). She has worked with high-end labels like Valentino, designed for Keds, and is a regular front-row fixture at New York Fashion Week shows. She hopes to use her time on Bling Empire: New York to promote AAPI designers like Private Policy by Haoran Li and Siying Qu.

Below you can check out her latest post on Instagram which she posted 12 hours before:

Tina Leung has so many fans now. She got famous for her role in Blinge Empire. Have you watched the Blinge Empire? Did you also like her character in the series? You can also find here many famous celebrities which you may also know. We have also covered other celebrities’ net worth and personal detail on our site which you can also look at on our site


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