Who Are in The Rookie Daddy Cop Cast?

After finding criminals sheltering at the station during a heatwave and citywide blackout, Nolan and Aaron pursue increasingly significant leads, while Chen makes a startling discovery at a site with a strong odor.

The Rookie Daddy Cop Cast

Below we have provided you with all the cast members of The Rookie Daddy Cop:

Nathan Fillion as John Nolan

One of the central figures in The Rookie is Jonathan “John” Nolan. Beginning in Season 1, he served as a Police Officer I, and by Season 4, he had advanced to the level of Police Officer II. A promotion to Police Officer III was announced for him in Season 5. He’s a police officer with the LAPD, and he works in the Mid-Wilshire area. Nathan Fillion plays the part.

Talia Bishop, a former LAPD officer and now a training officer, was his supervisor during Season 1. Until the premiere of the Rookie Season 4, former undercover detective Nyla Harper will serve as his training officer.

Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez

On The Rookie, Angela Lopez plays a pivotal role. She is a Police Officer III in the first two seasons, and her job is to serve as Jackson West’s trainer at the Mid-Wilshire Division. The 7 Adam 7 beat was a staple in their repertoire. After starting off as a police officer with badge number 29842, Lopez is promoted to the rank of Detective I in Season 3. Her new badge number, 1777, reflects her status as a detective as of Season 3. Alyssa Diaz plays her on-screen.

The Rookie Daddy Cop Cast
The Rookie Daddy Cop Cast

Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey

Richard Timothy Jones, an American actor born on January 16, 1972, plays Wade Grey in the film The Rookie.

Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen

A Canadian-American singer and actress, Melissa Crystal O’Neil (born July 12, 1988) play Lucy Chen in The Rookie.

Eric Winter as Tim Bradford

Eric Winter plays Timothy “Tim” Bradford, one of the show’s key characters. Prior to Lucy Chen’s promotion in the episode “Amber,” he served as Lucy’s training officer in the Mid-Wilshire Division. In the episode “Casualties,” Bradford revealed that his badge number was 34831 during Seasons 1-3. Season 4 sees him promoted to Sergeant I, at which point his badge number becomes 3483 and his new post is that of Patrol Field Supervisor. Typically, 7-Adam-19 was the beat that Bradford and Chen worked.

The Rookie Daddy Cop Cast
The Rookie Daddy Cop Cast

Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper

Mekia Cox, born on November 18, 1981, is an American dancer and actress. She is most known for her recurring role as Sasha in seasons two and three of 90210, and for her dancing in the Michael Jackson concert series This Is It and the film Michael Jackson’s This Is It. In 2010, she played a minor role in Undercovers, the canceled spy drama created by Lost’s J. J. Abrams. In addition, she is well-known for her role as Princess Tiana on Once Upon a Time.

Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers

Wesley Evers is a supporting player in the first two seasons of The Rookie and a key character in the third through fifth seasons. During Seasons 1–4, he represented the defense, then in Season 5, he switched to the prosecution’s side as an associate district attorney. He is Angela Lopez’s husband. Shawn Ashmore plays him in the film.

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