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What is George Conway Tweeted on His Official Twitter Account?

George Conway Twitter

George Conway Twitter

A common way that famous people keep in touch with their fans is by discussing both their personal and professional lives openly. In this post, you’ll read more about one of your favorite celebrities, George Conway.

What is George Conway Tweeted on His Official Twitter Account?

Recently on January 22, 2023 George Conway shared a Tweet on his official Twitter account in which he said, “What’s the best order in which to watch the Alien movies”?

When his followers see a tweet, they respond in a wide variety of ways by sharing their own ideas. You can read and watch their Re-tweets in the below section. One of his admirers said, By date, I suppose! On the other hand, I didn’t watch the original until 1979. I didn’t watch the sequels because it was so terrifying that it gave me nightmares for months.

Besides “Alien” and “Aliens” his fans have said that the rest of his films are just parodies. That logic applies just as well to extraterrestrials and dinosaurs. In what order do these things occur? There’s a rumor going around that Love & Death is everyone’s favorite Woody Allen film. As one might expect, the responses include a fair amount of Alien3 snark.

Just like this many of his followers shared their thoughts and You can read most of his recent Tweets on his official Twitter page. George Conway’s tweet caused a tidal wave of happiness among his followers.

Watching his followers’ retweets, it’s clear that they agree with him and have provided a thoughtful response to this post. George is thrilled by the size and dedication of his fan base. Read on for the most recent information about the careers, relationships and personal lives of your favorite celebrities.

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