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Andy Stanley Trends for “Praising Gay Church Attenders’ Faith” on Twitter

Andy Stanley Gay

Andy Stanley Gay

Christian An Atlanta preacher named Andy Stanley has caused an outcry on Twitter with his views on homos*xuals and the phrase “the Bible says.” The pastor’s comments about the faith of our gay members in the church have sparked a new round of criticism.

“A gay person who still wants to attend church after the way the church has treated the gay community, I’m telling you they have more faith than I do,” said Stanley in a clip of him speaking. “They have more faith than a lot of you.”

Stanley serves as the pastor of the North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Pastor Adam Page of Florida’s Amelia Baptist Church claimed the video of Stanley’s talk came from the 2022 edition of North Point’s Drive Conference.

“What on earth,” said Page. “Let this be a lesson. Much evil can be done against you, others and your church under the banner of evangelism.”

About two minutes in length, the clip begins in the middle of a sentence with Andy Stanley stating that gay individuals are more eager and committed to working at church than straight people.

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