Grand Jury Decision on Trump and 2020 Election Outcome is Heard by Georgia Judge

A court in Georgia is hearing arguments on the release of the grand jury report on President Trump and the 2020 election. On Tuesday attorneys for both sides argued over whether or not a judge should order the release of the special grand jury report detailing Donald Trump and his allies’ efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia and their conclusions as to whether or not.

After seven months of investigation during which they interviewed witnesses like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, the special grand jury which is prohibited from making indictments has written its much anticipated final report.

At a hearing on Tuesday, Judge Robert McBurney who presided over the special grand jury’s investigation for the past seven months heard arguments from the media and the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on whether or not the report should be made public and if so in what form.

While the grand jury panel has recommended that their report be released to the public, their findings have been kept secret so far. Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers have announced they won’t be present at Tuesday’s hearing. The grand jury required the testimony of hundreds of other often high-ranking officials during the investigation.

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Evidence from previous special grand jury reports provides some context for the current one

In the past special grand jury reports have detailed the panel’s findings and made recommendations. In 2013, James was a part of a special grand jury that published a report of around 80 pages; however, the public did not see this report until after a protracted legal battle.

Grand Jury Decision on Trump and 2020 Election Outcome
Grand Jury Decision on Trump and 2020 Election Outcome

The investigative summary written by the DeKalb County panel cited evidence presented to the grand jury. A list of all the witnesses was included at the end of the report. Finally, the grand jurors referred almost a dozen individuals for additional inquiry, including one for indictment (who contested the report’s public release). They detailed the specific violations in each case that led them to their decisions. They also proposed numerous changes to the system of government.

In 2010, a special grand jury in Gwinnett County issued a report summarising its investigation into local land acquisition agreements and indicting one public official; however, the individual’s prosecution was later overturned because a court decided that special grand juries could not make indictments.

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