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Buzz Aldrin Wife Age: When Did the Couple Get Married?

Buzz Aldrin Wife Age

Buzz Aldrin Wife Age

Originally from the United States, Buzz Aldrin has worked as an astronaut, pilot and engineer. On the occasion of his 93rd birthday, Buzz Aldrin weds his “long-time love.” Apollo 12 astronaut Edgar Mitchell and his fiancee Anca Faur are as excited as eloping teenagers, Mitchell said.

What is the Age of Buzz Aldrin’s Wife?

Aldrin was the second man to set foot on the moon. The announcement of Buzz Aldrin’s marriage to his long-term partner was made on the occasion of his 93rd birthday. The former astronaut tied the knot with Dr. Anca Faur whose age is 63 in a small ceremony in Los Angeles, as he announced on Twitter. She is his fourth wife.

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Buzz Aldrin’s jacket from Apollo 11 went for a whopping $2.7 million at auction. They were as excited as eloping teenagers, he told his followers and posted two photos of the ceremony. “I am pleased to announce that my long-time love Dr. Anca Faur and I have tied the knot on my 93rd birthday and the day I will also be honored by Living Legends of Aviation,” Aldrin wrote.

Aldrin tweeted two photos from the event including one of himself in a suit, medal and Air Force badge and another of Faur in a lace dress.

Do you want to know about Buzz Aldrin’s first wife? In the below section, we updated you with all the details related to his first wife.

Who is the First Wife of Buzz Aldrin?

Tri-time husband and wife breaker Aldrin has been married three times and on his 93rd birthday, he get married to his fourth wife. In 1954, he wed Joan Ann Archer and the couple spent the next two decades together before getting a divorce. He wed Beverly Van Zile from 1975 to 1978, and Lois Driggs Cannon from 1988 to 2012.

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In addition to his three children with Joan Ann (James, Janice and Andrew) he also has a grandson, three great-grandsons and a great granddaughter. After participating in the Apollo 11 lunar mission to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins in July 1969, Aldrin became a household name around the world.

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