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Fans of ‘Warrior Nun’ Demand Season 3 by Purchasing a Billboard Across from the Netflix office

Warrior Nun Season 3

Warrior Nun Season 3

After Netflix canceled Warrior Nun after its second season, I dealt with many fandoms, but none of them pleased me as much as the people who are lobbying for a third season and beyond to continue the show’s tale. They’ve been quite well-organized up to this point, with daily success in getting specific hashtags or phrases to trend on Twitter.

Together, fans have purchased a billboard across from Netflix’s headquarters in Los Angeles, pleading with the streaming service to “#SaveWarriorNun” and produce a third season of the show. The sellers claim it will air for four weeks and displayed pictures showing how visible it would be from the Netflix headquarters on the junction of Sunset Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue. That probably didn’t come cheap.

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The showrunner, Simon Barry, retweeted the billboard announcement, expressing his astonishment and praise for the fans, calling them “next level,” although the initiative was entirely fan-driven. The amount of dedication shown by Warrior Nun fans is unmatched, especially in light of the fact that so many other series are being canceled.

However, I am concerned that Netflix’s main metric of success is the audience. Fans of the Netflix original series Manifest banded together to keep the show at the top of the streaming service’s most-watched list for what seemed like an eternity, and the company ultimately decided to “rescue” the show from cancelation by ordering a final season. However, I have not seen Warrior Nun make a comeback to the top charts. Now, long after season 2 had aired, Netflix might have noticed if such was the case. Though undoubtedly they will also be aware of this blatant advertising in their faces.

Warrior Nun Season 3

There’s always a chance that Warrior Nun could be revived for one reason or another, so I won’t rule it out just yet. Even if Netflix doesn’t change its mind and keep the show on, another streaming provider might potentially strike a contract for Season 3, quickly turning those fans into backers and subscribers. But the specifics of the Netflix/Warrior Nun arrangement and what can and cannot occur are unknown at this time. As far as we know, Netflix has never revived a previously canceled original series. …Tuca and Bertie? My mind can only conjure up that one. Despite the overwhelming amount of enthusiasm for Warrior Nun, Simon Barry has yet to announce any firm plans for the franchise’s future.

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This has been impressive anyway. My recommendation is to try to get the show back into the top 10 by organizing a massive binge-viewing of it. Warrior Nun’s amazing critical and audience scores and billboards promoting the film are all well and good, but in the end, it’s probably all about the money and the number of people who watch the film.

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Fans of “Warrior Nun” bought a billboard across from the Netflix office to ask for a third season. After Netflix canceled Warrior Nun after its second season, I dealt with many fandoms but none of them made me as happy as the people who want a third season and more to continue the show’s story. For more news like this and about the personal and professional lives of your favorite celebrities, we have a lot of information. So, visit our website often to stay in touch with us. You can always find the most up to date information on our website.

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