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What is Buzz Aldrin Net Worth Based on His Space Activities?

Buzz Aldrin Net Worth

Buzz Aldrin Net Worth

Buzz Aldrin is an American ex-astronaut and the lone surviving member of Apollo 11. However, many people today still doubt if Aldrin is still alive. Then, let’s find out if Buzz Aldrin is still alive and if so, learn more about Buzz Aldrin’s net worth and other relevant facts.

Buzz Aldrin’s Net Worth From Space Exploration

The estimated value of Buzz Aldrin’s assets in the year 2022 is $14 million. He is universally recognized as a legend in the field of space exploration. He made his name as an American astronaut by participating in both the Apollo 11 and Gemini 12 missions.

Buzz Aldrin

Buzz has given away the vast majority of his fortune. Aldrin has donated to a wide range of charities, including Bony Pony Ranch, Caudwell Children, the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Cinema For Peace, the Race to Erase MS, the Starkey Hearing Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Variety – The Children’s Charity.

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Professional Experiences and the Working World of Buzz Aldrin

Buzz worked for the Air Force Space Division for a while before joining NASA as an astronaut in 1963. He piloted Gemini 12 to prove that astronauts could leave the spacecraft and do their jobs while in orbit. Buzz Aldrin, together with his crewmate Neil Armstrong, created history on July 20, 1969, when they landed the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the moon. When he left NASA in 1971, he went to work as the Commandant of the US Air Force Test Pilot School. After over twenty years of service, he finally called it quits in 1972.


Buzz Aldin is a legend in space exploration. He became famous for his Apollo 11 and Gemini 12 flights as an American astronaut. In 1963, Buzz became an astronaut after working for the Air Force Space Division. Gemini 12 was his demonstration that astronauts could work in space. To know more details relating to his personal life you can tell us in the comment section. Stay in touch with us at for the latest news and information.

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